How to delete a MySQL db user?


I added a user (in addition to an existing one) to one of my databases and now I want to delete this user. I clicked on the user name for the database in question and see a button “Delete” next to the database name. But it’s not clear whether that is going to delete the user or the database. Below is a screenshot. Can anyone help?


I haven’t tried this but I’d guess you would click on the username you want to change permissions for and uncheck all permissions on the following form, then apply.

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That link will delete that user from having access to that database. It will not delete the user, or the database, just their access to that database. :slight_smile:

–DreamHost Tech Support


rlparker: I clicked the button and removed access for the user to the database. How do I delete the user itself? Don’t see the name listed when I go to ‘Manager Users’.


You can’t actually delete the user. What, exactly, are you referring to when you say “Manager Users”? (and you provide a link to that please)?

–DreamHost Tech Support



Ah! Those are different kinds of users, and database users (also referred to as “MySQL users”) that only exist for use with your databases are never in that list, they are only seen on the “Goodies -> Manage MySQL” section of the account control panel.

There is more information about some of the different “users” you will encounter using DreamHost on our wiki, at:

–DreamHost Tech Support


The screen is confusing, even now (in 2011), but hovering over Delete shows the message “No longer allow xxx to access yyy at all” where xxx is the user name and yyy is the database name. It seems that when all database accesses granted to a user name are deleted then that user name disappears in the pulldown menu on the “Add User” window.