How to delete a folder?


This may come across as a stupid question. I am a newbie who is just getting started with hi-tech. I installed phpBB for my site using One Click and it was supposedly a success but I now get a warning telling me to delete the install folder. The problem is that I do not know how to get to that directory / folder, leave alone delete it!!! All this talk of FTP intimidates and frustrates me. Is there an easier way to do this??? Could someone please give me step by step directions to do this?

When I installed Joomla, I had the same problem but a tech support person was kind enough to delete that installation file, although he did not tell me how he did so or how to navigate to that particular directory etc.

I really want to learn this. Please, could anyone help me figure this out? (and it’s probably pretty basic to many people here!)



Did you do the Easy one-click install?

If you used the Advanced one-click install (or don’t know which you used), go to the panel here and click on Domains -> Manage Domains and click WebFTP for the domain where you installed phpBB.

After logging in, you’ll be in your home directory where you’ll see the folder for your website. Dig down into folders until you see the install folder. Check the checkbox for that directory and click the Delete button at the top of the file listing.