How to de-cloak my site?!

Pasting this from a support ticket I just submitted. I realize I may appear to be a complete idiot here, but oh well.

[quote]My site (URL) is down as of 11:52 PM 10/4/2005 tonight.
I can reach it via FTP fine, and my other sites seem fine.

Earlier today, I accidentally clicked on the Cloaking button on the
edit page for this site. That buttin is in a TERRIBLE location and
there is no confirmation button. The values in those fields were
"http://" and “My Site’s Title”.

I had (and have) no idea how to undo what I had done, due to my
limited understanding of how Cloaking works (and the dearth of info on
your site). So I edited it just now to “URL” and
"NAME", but your interface is not allowing those settings because
it doesn’t want a domain to cloak itself.


So firstly, please help me fix the issue asap (assuming I haven’t
fixed it myself by tooling around) and secondly, PLEASE address the UI
and documentation issue for this functionality. I swear I did not
intend to click that button. I was careless to mistake it for a “Save
Changes” button, but that could be addressed via a confirm dialogue or
something, at the very least.[/quote]
Now to search around elsewhere for de-cloaking documentation…sigh…

(oh and I had clicked that button hours and hours before this finally occurred)

Oh, this is nice. Granted it’s two years old, but sheesh.

Everything else I’ve come up with thus far is not quite what I’m after here.

The worst of this is, I’m assuming there’s something very simple I am supposed to do which just isn’t spelled out anywhere.

Assuming the state that you want to return your site to is “fully hosted”, then it seems to me you need to chick on “Fully host this domain now!”, having first set the variables in the Fully Hosted back the what they were.

You’ll probably get a message that the change will take a while due to DNS propagation, but actually I think this is an error - there will be the usual internal DH panel delay of hours to days.