How to create one subdomain

i’m new to linux servers system. may i know how to create one subdomain in my web hosting?

On the Dreamhost shared servers, you don’t really need to know anything about linux to create a subdomain. You can do this from the Control Panel’s Manage Domains screen, by selecting the “Add New Domain/ Sub-domain” link at the bottom of the page.

Just follow the prompts, and you should be fine. Additional information that you might find helpful can be found in the Dreamhost Wiki, such as the article on subdomains (which contains a link to adding a subdomain to your account) and the article on adding extra domains (which contains a link to a section on adding a domain or sub-domain to your account). Good luck! :slight_smile:




Don’t think the first one will be exactly how you want it in production.


Thank you for your help. This problem is solved.