How to create full text index in phpMySQLadmin?

i have a wordpress blog. i wanted the related entries plugin ( Entries). so i installed it in plugins directory. For this plugin to work i need to create an index table of full texts of the blog. for this they give this instruction

Just open your database in phpMySQLadmin and run the following command (cut & paste):

ALTER TABLE wp_posts ADD FULLTEXT post_related (
post_name ,


now the problem is i dont know how to do this. i went to dreamhost panel and found out phpMySQLadmin and loged into it. but after that i could not proceed. kindly tell me how to proceed according to their instructions.

Once you get into phpMyAdmin, click the “SQL” link, and cut and paste the code from the instruction into the box for the SQL query…then submit it.

If you copied everything correctly, you will have no errors, and you will have done it.

You could also review the extensive documentation on ppMyAdmin for additional information on how to use the program. I think it has a fine manual.