How To Create Filters?


How do I create filters in Squirrel Mail? I’ve been trying to sort my mail manually, but there just isn’t enough time in this life to finish the task!

Help! Thanks.

– vja4Him


At the Squirrel Mail login screen, or on your own, there’s a link to, which is where you can log in and add filters.



I don’t see any link to:

At the Log In page I see a Log In button, and a Sign Up! button. There is are links to “Forgot password,” “web hosting,” “$5.95 per month,” and “97-day money-back guarantee.”

– vja4Him


You’re at the wrong page then.

Instead do this.

In your browser location bar, type in


Where your_domain is your domain, for example if your domain was, you need to login to

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I finally found the mail filters! On the Panel page, under the Mail Menu > Message Filters. Is there anyway to filter all the existing messages? If not I’ve got over 30,000 messages to go through and filter manually … I figure that will take me over six months, if I work on it everyday, for a couple hours each day. But I don’t have time to do that, so it will take me over a year to finish filtering all that mail manually …

That is one reason why I don’t do online e-mail. My Mac Mail program is far superior to DreamHost or any online e-mail system I’ve ever seen.

– vja4Him


Then why not point to your IMAP account here?



What does it mean to, “Point to IMAP on DreamHost?”

– vja4Him


He meant to configure Mail to use IMAP.

Assuming you have already done so, then you need to use what Mail calls filters: rules.


Once you get rules setup, you can apply them to messages already retrieved by highlighting them and then choosing “Messages, Apply Rules” in the menu.

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Configure as a mail client for your email account.



I don’t see any Menu that says Messages, or Apply Rules. I have these menus to choose from:

Compose Addresses Folders Options Search Help Calendar

– vja4Him


I’m not sure what you’re looking at, but the article that Atropos7 referenced gives instructions on how to Apply rules. Once you’ve created the rule, go back to the main window and use the Message menu to Apply rules to all the emails you have selected in whichever mailbox you’ve entered.



I already did all that, and the rules do not place the existing messsages into the applicable folders.

– vja4Him


Is there any documentation regarding

I am interested in creating filters on the server side, and none of the filters I setup appear to work. I am attempting to filter inbound messages to subfolders of [font=Courier]INBOX[/font], like [font=Courier]INBOX.Example[/font]. Do I need to move such target folders out of the INBOX and keep them in the root?