How to create domain name email address

Please some one help me.
I want to set up an Email Account that uses my Domain Name that is onlinenortoncomsetup. I purchased domain from godaddy. If anyone can guide me step by step, it will be so great. And also one more question, when some one send me email, how can i check that.
Thanks in advance.

When creating a custom email address, think of it the same way you would when creating a new website. First, pick an email platform to use, then install it to your custom domain. For example, if “The Dude” — fictional owner of — wanted to set up a custom email address, he would search through the email hosts in our Marketplace, then pick the one that suits him best. Each of them will allow him to email from, but each will also provide a slightly different set of features, a different webmail client, and a wide range of prices.

Are you using dreamhost or godaddy?

Use CPANEL to create email account :slight_smile:

Dear, Login to your “Cpanel” and Goto “Email Accounts” click on “New Email Account” and create your new mail account with your domain name.

Recently I was looking for help to create my official business domain email, one of my friends working for a local IT company, MDHOV , helped me with the solution.

You need to access your domain e.g. and provide the login credentials, and search for Email Accounts to create your email address on your domain.

DreamHost doesn’t use cPanel. Let’s close this thread now.