How to create an offline version of site?

Hello, I am new to DH and I have had no luck finding the answer to this question. I want to create a local version of the website so that I can update the online version by simply synchronizing the folders.

The leads me to the following questions.
1. Can I setup Debian, PHP5, and SQL so that they are the same as the online versions?

2. If I install add-ons like Drupal, can I reproduce it by simply copying folders or do I have to locally install them?

3. Assuming I have a setup the same as DH version, does it mean I only have to sync data folders and files?

I will try to setup a VirtualBox test version of Debian to accomplish this. Also, can I use Ubuntu instead?

Thanks you for any advice.

I found a few answers in this thread.
local duplicate of dreamhost?
[]using phpinfo()
][quote=“sXi, post:2, topic:48876”]
From what I’ve seen there’s a couple different flavours of servers here.

“contact Support via the Panel so they’re aware of the server you’re on as they might be in a position to send you the configs they used when building it”


Over 10 thousand people have viewed this thread so I was hoping that there would be some responses.

Any links would be appreciated. like tutorials or guides on how to setup a website development environment.

If you really want to play around with a local copy of your site your best bet is to install something like wamp and use the same versions of php and mysql that your site is using. I’m sure support could tell you if you don’t know. There are also versions for linux and mac os (lamp and mamp that I’m sure google can help you out with). This way you can have php and mysql applications to work on local copies before actually making anything you are working on live instead of using sub-domains and what not.

What I can’t tell you is about synchronizing folders though but you could always upload any updated files manually but I would imagine that would be more tedious.

There is a good doc @ It’s main theme is about setting up a multisite on your local machine, but it can be used to set up a single site.

You will need XAMPP (for Linux) or WAMPP (for Windoze). These include Apache webserver and MySQL db server plus other good programs you can use.

The main theme of this doc is how to set up Apache to be used locally. I have tried to follow other docs but this is the only one that allowed me to get my system set up.