How to create an account without a plan? :-)


I was wondering, how to create a new account at DreamHost without a hosting plan attached to it? It was possible before, I think, but now I’m nost sure about the URL - when I try SIGNUP link at the main page, there’s ONLY the option to create an acount and select a hostin plan…? Hmm…

OK, that was Q #1.

#2 is, if I give a friend a link from my website, which includes my referrer info (, for example), and my friend clicks it and then navigates through the DreamHost site to the place to SIGN UP only (without a plan) or simply AFTER THAT opens the link for the registration of new accounts… Will my referrer info still valid for my friend?.. 'Mean, DH will “remember” that first .r?123456 was clicked and then the new URL opened?.. I’m new to this that’s why I ask you, thx a lot! :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:

Click the ‘Click here to get started’ link at the bottom of the page linked below.

I believe so, I have seen entries appear on my referral list for people that have clicked through one of my referral links, but have not yet purchased hosting.

Of-course, if your friend subsequently uses a promo-code when adding the plan, the referral will go to whoever ‘owns’ that promo-code.


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the rewards.cgi script :
If somebody clicks such a rewards link, they get a cookie. If they already have a cookie, the older cookie wins. If they then sign up (and don’t enter any referral info), then you get the reward

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Thx for all the replies! :slight_smile:

You explained everything pretty well :slight_smile:

PS I’m using DreamHost for around a few months, and for now, am pretty happy with it! I even was able (finally) to create my own blog (… and it runs OK, as well as IMAP mail and other nice things:)

No problem. :slight_smile:

As moua said, cookies are used initially to track a potential customer who has clicked through one of your r.cgi affiliate links, but in the circumstances you outlined above, it goes a little deeper than that.

If the person who clicked through creates an account, but does not purchase any hosting, you are still stored in the system as their referrer and the WEBID for the account is added to your list of referrals. Your referrals list shows the WEBID of such people in a non-bold font, while those that have made a purchase are shown in a bold font.

Now, if this person subsequently adds a plan to this account (identified by the WEBID), even many months after the fact and after clearing their cookies etc, you will still be credited with the rewards, unless they specify a new referrer or promo-code during the purchase.


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