How to create a sub-domain?


I tried everything but it seems I can’t create a sub-domain could someone help me a step-by-step instruction would be nice.

Thanks you



In the Web Admin Panel go to Domains -> Manage Domains
Click on Add New Domain / Sub-Domain
Enter your full sub-domain name where it says Domain to host: (ie:
If another user is to own this domain, select that user using the FTP user / CGI-runs-as user: dropdown.
Click Fully host this domain now!

After following these steps, a new sub-directory should appear in your home directory with the same name as your sub-domain, this is where you put the site files for the sub-domain.

Note: It can take a little while before your sub-domain is accessable.


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I tried that but I get ‘can’t add domain. already in our DNS system’. message.

Instead of this messy control panel why not use cpanel or directadmin much, much better.


Because they are not much, much better. The setup at DreamHost is fairly unique, which necessitates a unique panel. Moreover, cPanel has been known to have security vulnerabilities that can be exploited.

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Are you entering the full sub-domain in the box provided? (example:

If so, then the only thing that I can think of that may be triggering that error is if you have already created that particular sub-domain previously.

Is the sub-domain already shown in Domains -> Manage Domains?


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Well in cpanel or directadmin I can create sub-domain without knowing rocket science, here I have been struggling for two days now.

Here is what I do.

Domains -> Manage Domains -> [Add New Domain / Sub-Domain] -> in Domain to host: [], click on Fully host this domain now

I get ‘can’t add domain. already in our DNS system’ error.

I haven’t created any sub domain this is the first one.


That is exactly the procedure I follow to create sub-domains and so far it has worked every time.

I suggest you contact DreamHost support and explain the situation, something may be broken on their end with regards to your domain.


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Have you already added your main domain in? e.g.
Then you can add your sub-domain e.g.

If you have tried and failed then sometimes the sub-domain does manage to get installed into the DNS system. Check under the dns option in ‘Manage Domains’ under ‘Domains’ to see if any entry exists.
You can also check under ‘Manage Users’ from ‘users’ and click the [login now] button and see if directory for your sub-domain exists or not. If it does delete it and try to reinstall the subdomain again.



Already done that.

On another note is the SAVEMONEY or SCJESSEY97 code price valid as long as one keeps the plan


Promo codes are only for new customers and provide a discount for the first payment only.


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Update, contacted dreamhost, got email ‘Try now’, don’t know what they did but it is fixed now however according to the message I have to wait few hours ‘it should begin working in just a few hours maximum’ COME ON, this is why I said use cpanel or directadmin, I have hosting with another company everything is instant, creating database, user, sub-domain and etc.


The wait is for the dns addresses to propagate. It makes no difference which control panel you are using. You cannot change the laws of physics.
In practice you will find the changes will occur straight away.