How to create a non-catch-all email

Is it possible to create an email that is not a catch-all?

In the Manage Email panel, it provides opportunities to create:
Email Address
Forward Only

All of them warn us that “catch-all” will get lots of spam. But there’s no indication of how to make it a non-catch-all address. There’s no information in the Dreamhost Wiki either. The Wiki only has an article about how to turn on Junk filters - that won’t work if we’re using a catch-all. But it doesn’t explain how to turn your catch-all into a “regular, standard, good ol’ everyday email address.”

Thanks in advance for your help regarding this matter.

if your domain is and you set up an e-mail address of that is a normal e-mail address
if you set up that is a catch all e-mail address - it is that simple :slight_smile:
if you don’t have a catch-all e-mail address i’d highly recomend switching on the spam filter
doesn’t capture everything… but catches more than it misses…

finally! thank you. i think Dreamhost should re-design their Manage Email panel. All this time, i thought i had a catch-all and that’s why i was receiving so much spam.