How to create a new FTP user?

Good day,
Can you guys tell me how to create a new FTP user?
I want this user to have right to read and write to the specific domain folder, without right to read and write to any other domain folders. Can you please guys advise.

thank you.

To create new FTP user, go to DH panel --> Users --> Manage Users --> Add A New User

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Done that. User control only his home directory. I want to provide an FTP access to root of my domain… not just create a home directory for each FTP user.

Are you saying that you want to provide FTP access to more than one user (the new one you create and your own user) for the same directory?


My site has 2 administrators who needs FTP access to it. But everytime I create a new FTP user, he has right now to his home folder, but now to folder

So I guess that’s a “yes” - they both need ftp access to the same directory. You are correct, that each user has their own directory, and this is the way it is supposed to work on DH.

There is more information about this on the DH Wiki:

How do I share ftp access with another FTP user?

Users Article

The easiest way to accomplish what you want to do is to have them share the same FTP/SFTP credentials (act as the same user). If this doesn’t meet your needs, you will need to either implement some scripted solution (a filemanager program, CMS, etc.) or cobble something together using unix groups, specialized file and directory permissions, and possibly cron jobs for moving files around (not a pretty picture!) .