How to Contact Support?

How can I contact customer service? In my control panel, the link to live chat does not do anything, and the link to email customer service just takes you back to the same screen. I can not find any other contact info.


Did you disable your pop-up blocker? That might help you use chat.

Alternately, you can submit a ticket.

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Hi RyanD,

You can reach our support team via ticket or Live Chat in the panel here

As Bubba33 mentioned if the Live Chat window does not pop up, check to make sure that pop-ups are allowed or disable the blocker,

Matt C

Bubba33 - I do not have any pop up blockers, and yes I checked. I have also tried multiple browsers, and multiple computers.

DH_Matt_C - I realize that is how you are supposed to be able to do it, but it does not work. Email finally started working, but chat still does not.

What I am looking for is a way to contact support when the cpanel is broken! There has to be some way of doing it. I have had Dreamhost for over 11 years and never had any issues until now. I like Dreamhost and do not want to change, but if there is really no way to contact support other than through the cpanel, even if the cpanel is broken, or I can not log in then I have a real problem with that.

Ryan D,

Thank you for contacting us back!

If the panel is down or you are not able to access it, you can use our contact form. Please use this link select the “i can’t login” or “other” options from the drop down, include an email you have access to and our verification team will assist further, thanks!

Matt C

I’m not a Dreamhost customer, and just attempted to use the “Contact Us” form. Filled in a lengthy question about the three websites I’d like to host someplace. When I click “Submit” at the bottom, nothing happens.

This isn’t a good beginning.

Safari 11.0.3 , Mac OS X Sierra

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