How to contact support team manager?



how to contact support team manager or someone who’s in charge? I’m very dissapointed with support provided (Brian H) but can’t find any contacts except the support team



Write a letter or fax them.



thank you, will try


Any recommendations about getting a response from the web panel? My e-mail has been down for 2 1/2 days and despite paying for phone service and 13+ posts to the customer service panel - my email remains down and I have had no response or call. I have been a DH customer since 1998 - probably won’t make it to 2010.


I faxed them some time ago, but it never was answered and not helped


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If you’re within your 97 day trial period, ask for your money back. Or just don’t renew. Naturally, if you’re unhappy about poor customer service, you may vote with your wallet.

Hopefully it’s just something you can work around and request a different support person and you’re just trying to give them some feedback on an employee.



sdayman, if this post is directed to me - I was with dreamhost since 2007 and was pretty happy before I switched to PS. It took 3 weeks, 2 moves to PS and back and many other issues.

Now I’m a happy customer of and this is my vote