How to contact Dreamhost to renew?


I can’t seem to get a reply from Dreamhost about renewing our domain hosting. I’ve been trying for weeks, but renewal is now past due and our domain has gone offline. I still have no renewal invoice, no messages from Dreamhost, and I can’t get a response from Dreamhost Sales via the online contact form. What can I do to get Dreamhost to take our money?


when you go on
and click on renew, what’s happen ?

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Depending upon when the domain expired (“been trying for weeks”), there may no longer be anything you can do to “get DJ to take your money” for that domain.

Have you checked whois for the domain to see it’s status (or is it now "available)?. Generally, after 30 days past “expiration” the domain is either resold or returned to the pool - so I 'd check that first.

You didn’t indicate whether you ever tried the standard Support Request - if yo have not done that yet, that is where you should start; “DreamHost sales via the contact form” is not where you should be initially trying to research this.



What exactly have you tried? We can suggest some alternatives here once we know what things you’ve already tried. I wouldn’t want to waste your time by suggesting things that you’ve already tried…

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Huh! It turns out that our control panel is still working, although the domain was not. And now I see that Dreamhost actually billed our credit card for renewal automatically (good thing we were planning to renew - I didn’t expect that!). The stupid thing is that our domain was not responding because there was a prompt waiting “Do you want to renew your domain for another year for $0.00?”! Why on earth would they not have done that automatically?


In the control panel under “Domains>Registrations” there is an autorenew setting you make for each domain. You can set it to “Yes”, “let expire”, or “Ask”. The default is Ask.

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Depending upon your settings (as lensman pointed out) because they are about to charge your Charge card, and want authorization? :wink:

You “Control Panel” should still work even if your domain registration, or even you plan itself, has expired - you just won’t be able to do much until those things are handled.

That all said, it is still important what the status of the domain is … if it has expired, and when it expired, as that can impact whether it can be “renewed”.



The domain name renewal is defaulted to “Ask”, but apparently for the hosting plan renewal it defaulted to “Auto-bill”. It doesn’t make any sense to auto-bill me $120 to renew the hosting plan without asking, and then stop responding to the domain name while waiting for me to say Yes to renewing the name for $0. In any case, I clicked Yes, and the domain name is back up, and I found and killed the auto-billing for hosting renewal.


I have multiple domains on my hosting plan. I want my hosting plan to autorenew. Some of my domains I want to expire, some I want to autorenew, and some I haven’t decided yet (and I’ve left them at “ask”).

In other words, I like the ask option.

I do agree that it would make sense to have an option to set this value when you sign up for your domain. Are you sure there wasn’t one?

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