How to contact a human being at Dreamhost?

Hi, anyone know how to contact a human being at Dreamhost?

Need support updating domain name’s nameserver information / A record stuff.

Should be fairly simple. But no links in the web control panel. No response from online contact form.

Reps drop by here on a daily basis.

If you’ve submitted a ticket and have Twitter you could ping them @DreamHostCare with your ticket number to try jump the queue.

If you explain what you’re trying to do someone here might be able to walk you through it.

That’s good to know. Will try the Twitter lead, thanks!

I’m trying to update domain name DNS information. When I log in to DH Web Panel, I have no links to manage anything, and message says account is disabled, although it is current and in good standing.

Any insights appreciated.
Just a follow up. Tweeting to @DreamHostCare does yield immediate response/acknowledgment. Much more satisfying than email, even though issue is still in process. Thanks for the tip!

What’s the domain? I can look into it for you if you’re still having trouble!

Yes DH_Elle S, still need help! The domain is I am her web guy, she is leaving the country tomorrow and is very concerned out because the email is not working. We need to update the DNS. Cannot find any links to do that. The account states it has disabled status. Any help appreciated.
DH_Elle S: It’s ticket 5732693

Got it! Let me take a look. I’ll hit you back up when I have more info for you. I appreciate your patience during this time! Thanks!

btw It’s ticket 5732693

Ok, one of our guys just emailed you! You can edit your domain’s nameservers via the “Modify WHOIS” section here in your web panel. Hope that helps! If you need anything else, feel free to reply to our email directly. Thanks!