How to connect directly to my domain?


Hello, me again.

Okay, in one of my first e-mails from Dreamhost, I received a username and password to ftp to:
as a temporary server. It instructed me to begin connecting directly to my domain once I got the initial site setup. So now, in my ftp program (I use dreamweaver), I enter the same log-in name and password, the same folder ( / ) and then what should I put instead of as the FTP Address of my webserver?

Question number II:
Now, it’s been a week, and when I upload files, I notice they’re not being uploaded even though I’m still able to connect to Is this because of the change that I need to do to direct to “my server” (above)?

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Once DNS has updated and you can reach your site by browsing to it, just use yourdomain.tld as your ftp server. :wink:

Not likely (either or yourdomain.tld should work). It is likely that they are actually being uploaded, but have gone into the wrong directory. Try looking at your space with a real FTP client instead of DreamWeaver, so you can better see and understand the directory structure.

In a pinch, you can also just use the [/url=]DreamHost WebFTP program[/url] to look around (though I do not recommend using it for any serious work)


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Yikes! … thanks for fix0ring that url! :slight_smile: