How to Configure Spam Filter for Discussion List

I’ve got a discussion list, and I’ve noticed that I’m receiving spam sent to the list. Is there a way to enable a spam blocker such that messages sent to the list are checked for spaminess before they’re sent on to the list members?

I looked for an answer in the support Wiki and here in the forums, but I couldn’t find anything … anyone who can point me to the proper Wiki page or forum thread where this has been answered would be greatly appreciated.


not sure about this.

but you can check out DH panel --> Mail --> Junk filter

you may need to enable it first. then log into webmail and modify spam configuration in options

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I do not think Dreamhost has any junk filtering for discussion lists. (and no, junk mail filtering mentioned above won’t work) Can’t you just see what address is sending the spam and remove them? I think that unless you moderate every sign up and ask people to write a short message about why they are interested in the mail list you’ll get spam.

If Yahoo is anything to go by, their ‘groups’ or discussion lists get lots of spam. The one list I’m on that doesn’t get spammed is one that a Moderator had to approve me for and I had to write a few lines about why I was interested in the group.

Hope that helps…

–Matttail - personal website

Here’s the issue:

I’m running a website for a nonprofit org, and I have the address “info” set up as a distribution list to the three admins of that organization. The “info” address is our public address, so I can’t filter it by just looking at addresses or keywords. Virtually all of the messages I expect it to receive are from senders not previously known to me.

I used to have it set up as an alias instead of a discussion list. However, one of three admins has an AOL account, and AOL accounts can no longer be used in aliases. I was hoping to use a discussion list in place of the alias since discussion lists can have AOL addresses on them. (Plus it has the nice advantage of being recorded and archived.)

Since I changed “info” from an alias to a discussion list, I’m seeing spam come through. I don’t want my AOL user to hit her “spam” button on her browser for such messages.

I realize I could just set her up with a new email address on our servers and let her get in via webmail (or via Outlook Express via POP3/IMAP) and avoid the whole AOL issue altogether. (In fact, she already has her own account for sending mail.) But she always forgets to check it … she generally only checks her AOL account.

Any ideas, short of retraining this user?


I definitely vote for retraining that user - mostly because I don’t know of any way around it. Perhaps someone else here will, but how much work is it worth on your end to set things up to send to her AOL address just to wait for the next time AOL decides willy-nilly to block DH again?

–Matttail - personal website

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