How to clear directory and start over?

I installed wordpress to my domain, but I installed the “easy” install and I need access to all the files in FTP so I was wondering if I can empty that directory so I can install the “advanced” version. The page is basically new so I really wont be losing much work. Any help here would be great thanks!

I think the easiest way to approach that is to first rename the directory, so that you can “go back later” if you need to. Just rename it to something, and create a new one with the originals name, and proceed with your re-install.

If everything works as expected, you can them just delete the “renamed” directory. :wink:


You’ve already asked this same question in this very forum. Please don’t double-post questions.


Your problem is not only to delete your files. You also need to remove the database created for wordpress.

If you are concerned that you will lose your data, you should create a totally new database for new installation.

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I have cleared the directory and I have an empty directory sitting there that I can’t delete. I’m attempting to install word press and I keep getting emails to clear the directory.
I’m new to this any suggestions–anyone


ls -al

in the dir to see if there are any hidden files. you can also remove the dir and folder and let the installer create it for you. I think

rm -rf dirname