How to check email folder size?


Hi there,

Does anyone know if it is possible for users to check email folder size? (Either using squirrelmail or via mailboxes?)



I’ve put in a suggestion to install the Folder Sizes plugin.

The plugin will “Shows list of all subscribed folders with following details for each: message count, unread count and space used. Gives grand total mailbox usage stats and optionally displays sub-totals for each folder.”

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did you check to see if it’s in squirrelmail or mailboxes?

if you log into mailboxes you will see at the top:

“CURRENT DISK USAGE: xxxx / xxxx MB”


I don’t see this in my webmail screen.

can you explain a little more how this is accessable?

Help me


Yeah, but not the individual folder size


it’s on the mailboxes.domain login. Not the webmail itself.


i didn’t say it was in webmail, if you log into you will see the info at the top