How to change WordPress URL/DB relationship?

What is the procedure to change the database pointed to by a particular instance of WordPress?

All I want to do is change the database (name/pointer) associated with a sub-domain WP install. The URL/DB names can be viewed on the Previously Installed Software - Advanced Mode tab on But how can the URL/DB association be modified?


It’s early and I can’t fully discern your question:
WordPress has a wp-config.php file that contains your settings saying which database/host/username/password to use.
You can edit that file if you want to use a different database.

Database Hosts are extremely flexible and interchangeable. In fact, it really doesn’t matter which database hostname you use, as long as it’s any one of the ones listed in the DB section of the panel:

Since it’s WordPress, don’t worry about breaking the One-Click feature for your WordPress. I recommend that you manually update the wp-config.php file listed above and Remove (not Delete!) that One-Click entry from the panel here. I recommend this because WordPress has an excellent built-in update mechanism that I use instead of the One-Click mechanism.

Hi Scott, thanks for the response.

Editing the wp-config.php was the fix to get the installation functioning. Thanks.

As for updating the displayed database name on the panel, tech support says, “the one click in the panel doesn’t update to
reflect any new path or database you may have changed.” So that’s the answer to the other part of the question.

Thanks so much for the prompt reply! You’re good even at 7a.m.