How to change user home directory?



I have added few ftp users and the default home directory is /home/username

but i want change it to /home/



[quote]I have added few ftp users and the default home directory is /home/username

but i want change it to /home/[/quote]
Sorry, you can’t change the home directory nor is it a good idea to do that.

What you can do is login as each FTP user and make a special directory - name it “wp-uploads” for example.

Then go to the Web Panel and choose Domains -> Remap Sub-dir

First you indicate the URL - [] / [blog/wp-contents/upload/username]

On the next page you indicate the file system path: [/home/username] / [wp-uploads]

And when you submit, the web server will be setup to look for files for in /home/username/wp-uploads

So then you tell the people to upload the files to their wp-uploads directory.

Alternately you can use symlinks links as well if you are familar with using a shell. You’d have to turn off extra web security in the Domains -> Manage Domains panel.

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Thanks for reply.

This actually worst limitation :frowning: …i m used to this feature as always had cpanel cp.

How do i deploy single .htaccess hotlink protection for all this folders? place it in /home/ folder?

Will php script in /home/ able to access files in remapped or symlinked user upload folders [ /home/username ] ?


You can’t move your domain directory out of your user directory. And no one will suggest you to do that.

This setup is for security issues.

Each FTP user has its own directory /home/username and it is only viewable by the FTP user.

If you put your domain home directory in /home, all your source codes will be accessible by everybody on the same server.

All scripts will follow the symbolic link to the actual directory. That is what symbolic link is for.

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I would rather say dh setup limitation rather than security specialty or preventive measure.

Thanks for information about symbolic link. :slight_smile:


The only limitation is the end-user’s understanding of how operating systems work.

Your files are your files, my files are my files, and by default noone but the owner should have access to them. It is easy to share files between users, but one must specifically allow this to happen. Thus, our files will remain secure until such time as we decide to share them with others.

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Even main(owner) a/c can’t access other this other user files ?

Is their way to do this ?

[ps####]$ ln -s username /home/
ln: creating symbolic link /home/' tousername’: Permission denied




I’m not sure whether I missed anything or not.

First, I don’t think “/home/” exist in DH. It should be always something linke “/home/username/”.

Second, if you want to create symbolic link among different user accounts like “ln -s /home/user1/ /home/user2/domain.comblog/wp-contents/upload/username”, the user must have access to the directory. To do that, you can try to bring them to same unix group via DH panel --> Users --> Unix Group

Please make sure you fully understand how unix groups works.

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  1. Go to Domains --> Manage Domains and assign the domain to the “webmaster” user (example: “”). Create directories and subdirectories.


  1. Login to DreamHost Web Panel
  2. Go to the Domains -> Manage Domains page
  3. In the “Web Hosting” column for your domain, click on the “Edit” button
  4. On this page their should be a green arrow indicating “Fully Hosted” is active for your domain.
  5. There is a section called “Users, Files and Paths”
  6. Where it says “Run this domain under this user:” you will see one of your users selected.
  7. This is the user the Wiki page means by “webmaster”
  8. Since you already have WordPress installed, you’ve already “Create directories and subdirectories.”

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