How to change the timezone?

I’m in France, and the server displays a time in the US time zone, how can I change that in the panel or in the ssh console ?


I don’t think you can change the time zone here. But here is a link of time zone convert.

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I don’t believe you can change it in the Control Panel, but you can configure the display of time in the shell with an environment variable.

Check out this page on displaying different time zones in the shell:

If you wish, you could set up your shell to make such a time zone display change every time you log by adding that line in your profile. If you are using the default “bash” shell, that files is .bash_profile.

It would probably not be accurate to change the time zone for the use in the Control Panel anyway, as it is labeled "Current DreamHost Time: ", (and that should be the local time for “DreamHost”).


Alternative to this, if you’re using PHP, you could either install a custom copy of PHP4/5 or setup a Custom PHP.ini file (both of which are documented in the DH Wiki) and then set the “date.timezone” variable to your country’s timezone within the php.ini file.

I in fact do both - change the php.ini “date.timezone” variable and change my shell’s timezone.

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