How to change the make word after url work in case sensitive

Hi to all,

Well I know my question on the title not really clear

so here is my question.

I’ve go through all the topic in the search either from google and from DH itself

I understood that if the host server running Unix or Linux server the folder’s name all are case sensitive

for example (this one is the right one) but if let say someone type with upper case or

this will actually give unknown page or whatever error depends on whichever site you have on.

so my question is, is there anyway around to make this to redirect to all to the right URL? incase my visitor are typo or whatever and they will think the page already gone for good or whatever LOL

I just don’t want to miss lots of visitor just because of this

I understand that isn’t much to do, but something might been up to get this right :slight_smile: (I know is a good hope LOL)

well actually I have another question as well

my forums url is right?

and let say you type notice you missed letter “s” at the end, but it actually redirect you to the first one?

how is that can happen while the upper case not?




You can achieve this using htaccess redirect.


Redirect /Forum/ /forum
Redirect /FORUM/ /forum

Thanks patricktan

here is what I did to make all this work

I go and create a folder such as


and copy .htaccess file from the main page that is created by the automatic installer from dreamhost

and put it to each of the subfolder

and then edit the .htaccess file and

input the following code

# This allows you to redirect your entire website to any other domain Redirect 301 /

and all will redirect me to the page I want


You don’t need to create those directories. You can place a htaccess file at your domain root directory :stuck_out_tongue:

if not create these directories then what will be the htaccess code in the file?

so that I can place them in one place only

because I tried with so many even the wiki links you sent me

The htaccess code in the file should be

Redirect 301 /FORUMS /forums
Redirect 301 /Forums /forums

Please note that 301 means permanently redirect.

You only need to place this htaccess file in your domain root directory. You create a htaccess in a directory if you want apply different rules from the ones in the parent directory. Hope this makes it clearer.