How to change the DNS



I’m new in DH. My site is fully hosted on DH, and I want to change the DNS of my domain. In whois, I want that appear “” instead “”. Is it possible?

Thanks in advance.


This is known as “vanity nameservers”, and I’m afraid that it isn’t a configuration we currently support. This isn’t an arbitrary decision on our part — vanity nameservers are significantly more complex to configure and manage, as they require that we create something known as “glue records” on the back end. Having these in place ends up making some tasks significantly more complex; in particular, it can significantly complicate the process of moving to another web host. We’ve seen the mess that this can cause some customers who are moving from hosts where they did have vanity nameservers set up (and where the previous host didn’t clean them up properly); we wouldn’t want to put our customers in the same situation.

(For what it’s worth, setting up vanity nameservers does not hide the fact that you’re using DreamHost.)


If Dreamhost is going to be a grown-up registrar, they need to support this. Silly excuses about how it’s too hard are not acceptable customer service.


more poignantly: I have glue records from my previous registrar that now require me to transfer my domain away from dreamhost in order to be able to modify them. Since the domain I’ll be transferring is my primary domain name, I’ll probably pack up the entire works and take it elsewhere. My experience thus far with dreamhost is that you’re long on cheerful attitude and friendly service, but well short on technical expertise.


It’s not that it’s technically difficult; it’s just a terrible way of doing things.


BigSam: Part of your issue may be that we are not notified when a domain that’s transferred in to us has child nameservers (and corresponding glue records), so our panel has no idea that there’s anything there that needs changing.

If your domain has child nameservers which need to be changed, please PM me with details and I’ll take a look. Depending on how the nameservers were set up, though, you may need to contact the registrar that created them to make modifications, as they do not always “follow” the domain through a transfer.