How to change templates?

Hello I am a newbie and trying to learn fast!
I have got one template for my site and have obtained a new template which I wish to use.
Please could someone explain the best way to do this ?

Is the best thing to take my site off line and do the development work? If so, how is this done?

Or should I create a dummy site to practice and get learning quickly about my new template before applying it?

Any step by step guides/suggestions/links etc would be gratefully received.

Many thanks


I hate to say it but … Best is subjective.

I like to make a test site on my laptop to play with and get the hang of the theme. Other people like to put it live and fiddle in the real world. Which ever makes you more comfortable.

Go to your wordpress dashboard and choose: appearance/themes/install themes/upload and choose your file from the browse button. Your new layout (template) must be in zip format. If it’s not then read the template instructions. (Every template has some especially for wordpress)

PS: If you can’t find the “install themes” link (at the top of the page) then it means that you have a free wordpress account, i.e you don’t have your own hosting. You need to buy some hosting if you want your own templates/plugins/etc…