How to change password for email client?

We’re a switcher from, new to DreamHost.

We’re trying to figure out how to set up our email accounts. We want to have have four separate emails: *(anything@domain), sales, info, and scott.

We received one email from DreamHost, giving us the Username, Password, and Mail Server info.

So far, no email is arriving. Perhaps this is the part of the “1-2 hour” wait that comes with email changes. But we’re also wondering if there’s a way to change the password. Also, can you give a separate password for each of the 4 email accounts? Or is every email account given the same password?

We’re confused, as is probably apparent. Thanks for any help.

[quote]So far, no email is arriving


What’s the domain? Maybe the domain hasn’t been transferred to our nameservers yet? Is mail to those addresses bouncing?

[quote]But we’re also wondering if there’s a way to change the password.


Of course. You can do this from the web panel (Mail->Mailboxes, I believe), or also at “” where is your domain.

[quote]Also, can you give a separate password for each of the 4 email accounts


Of course. Note that setting up 4 separate email addresses pointing to one mailbox is not the same as setting up 4 user accounts (either ftp/shell/mail accounts or POP3 only accounts) and having a separate address point to each one. In our system, there are addresses (aliases), and mailboxes (users).

I would personally suggest avoiding the catchall alias if at all possible - you’ll get lots of spam to this account, and if someone forges a random address at your domain in a spam run, you’ll get hit with tons of bounced messages. This happens to customers all the time, and is much more likely to happen if you have a catchall alias.

Thanks for the great reply, will.

Domain is It’s up and running, I think from DW’s server.

thanks for the distinction between Addresses and Mailboxes. I went in and deleted the Addresses and made them into Mailboxes. After each Mailbox entry, I received this info:

“Your new mailbox has been created!
You can access it by connecting to:

Does that mean that “” is what I place in my email software Account setting called “POP Server” (I’m using Entourage, on a Mac OSX setup)?

Next, they say,
“With username: m1234567”

Does that number go into the “Account ID” field?

Actually, I’m pretty sure they don’t go into those fields, because I’m still not getting email.

For what it’s worth, I do have a couple of earthlink email address. Those are getting through. And, if I create an “Address” and forward that address to the earthlink email, it gets through.

Again, thanks for any help.