How to change my site and still keep my ranking?

I have two websites. Both are Joomla! 1.5. I don’t have lots of pages so I was thinking of doing a new Joomla! install in a subdomain so the links match exactly what I have now (by cutting and pasting articles and modules) and then point my domain at the new install. Is this going to harm my ranking? What do I need to watch out for?

For the above website I want to reproduce it in Joomla! But the other one I want to move it to Wordpress. I “think” as long as the links match I should be OK as far as Google but I want to make sure. Does Google care what platform my site is on as long as the old mydomain/example.html matches the new mydomain/example.html?

Google cares about what content is at which URI, not how it’s made.

If you want to change the URI, use a 301 redirect.

Thanks. In the web panel the other options apart from fully hosted are 1. Redirect, 2. Mirrored, 3. Parked, 4. Cloaked. Is the first option, redirect, the same as a 301 redirect as you suggest? In other words, do I just type in the name of the new site (in this case a google hosted site) and that is it?

I started to type in this thread the other day and stopped because I’m far from an SEO expert…

Bobocat is correct that google counts content over how it’s stored/diaplayed… BUT the specific URL/URI is an important as a way of indexing that content as well.

To be honest the better place to have the conversation you are wanting to have is here:!forum/webmasters.

Once you know what it is you want to accomplish from the standpoint of conversion then you can ask here how to acciomplish that using dreamhost tools…

LikeRat, thanks for the link. I’ve since discovered that a 301 redirect isn’t the same as just putting the site into the redirect box in the Cpanel.

At last, I’ve discovered a simple clean template for on Google sites. I want to point my domain to the site I’ve configured there. However, they don’t allow ‘naked’ urls (e.g. It has to be I’m not sure which forum would be the right one to get this question answered. I do know that a fully hosted site here on DH will allow a lot of options. My current site is configured as I wonder what would happen if someone just typed that in instead of the