How to Change File Permissions?


On another hosting account I have been using CPanel and can do lots of things that I seemingly can’t do with DH… One thing I want to do is to modify folder and file permissions. Can anyone tell me how to do that with DH?



I usually log into my shell acount as use ‘chmod’.

I can also change permission using my ftp client, even though i never use that method.

Thanks! So ‘chmod’ is like CPanel? Anyway, I will take a look at it![hr]
hmmmm…how do i log into my “shell account”???[hr]
ok…I’ve done research into it…seems too much trouble and can’t modify files/folders of existing users…better just to get separate cPanel hosting for those sites that i need to change file permissions on.

Just log in to your server with FTP (FileZilla free program will do). Right click on the folder/file and you will see the last option to change the permissions. Very easy to do

Thanks Ron - Actually on my FTP program it is under an “info” icon that I can do it!