How to change ending .html on webpages

Okay, so this whole website designing has been a very humbling process. I cannot, for the life of me, figure this one out and I feel like an utter idiot.

So, I have my first page of the website up and running(index.html. That one took forever for me to figure out). I’m trying to do an About, Art and Comic page. I have my about.html page created and uploaded on my ftp server. I’ve seen other websites and for the url address, it just says

However, I tried to link my About page to my About page link on my index.html page and it will only show up if I link it to otherwise it gives a 404 cannot find error. How do I get the url to show up as instead of

My website is here

Thanks in advance for any help anyone out there gives!

Relax, we all started feeling like you do.

If you wish to dispense with the .html you’ll need to create a directory (folder) named ‘about’, rename your ‘about.html’ file to ‘index.html’ and place it in your newly created directory. (Note that you can have an index.html file in any directory). I wouldn’t recommend this as you would need to create a directory for every file on your website.

The reason why the links do not work is that the server is looking for a file in the wrong place. You have probably placed the file in the top level directory but the link points to a sub-directory ‘mainpageimages’ which you probably don’t have.

Correct it by creating a directory by that name and placing your images there, OR if you wish to keep the images in the top level directory rename the link


Save yourself some headache and get a content management system (cms) like Drupal or concrete5. You can install concrete5 via one-clicks. I wouldn’t recommend doing the one-click of Drupal as it is only a simple install and you wouldn’t be able to really have control over it. Drupal isn’t too hard to install manually, however. Learning the language of the web is nice (and I highly recommend it) but there is no reason you have to reinvent the wheel. I won’t get into rewrite rules using htaccess but that sort of thing is why people can have links to etc working effectively without having a zillion different folders. Using a cms will make that simple for you to create such aliases. It will be a more efficient use of your time as far as getting your content out there to use a cms vs rolling your own site with static pages when you have limited experience with web design in general.

Wordpress may be best. I will prefer WordPress with following permalink structure /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%.html

You have 404 links in your navigation, If you have submitted it to search engines consider fixing it.


Thank you so much! This worked very well and now I have my pages being found by the server. This gets me one step closer to finally having my website up and running!!!

Thanks again!!


Thank you but, I want to avoid wordpress as of right now. It’s something I considered but, decided against it. Perhaps later on I will use it.

I understand I have the 404 navigation pages, unfortunately. I’m posting here to try and see if somebody knows how to pinpoint what I’m doing wrong to fix it. Luckily, I haven’t submitted to any search engines yet; my website isn’t up and running and I’d like to wait until I get these kinks out before submitting it.



I appreciate the suggestions and, upon looking at Concrete5, it looks like something that I really am going to check out for later uses. Unfortunately, I really want to try and learn css and html right now. I feel it’ll help me be able better to manipulate things such as Concrete5 and wordpress later down the road.

Thanks again!

If you use a subdirectory like “about”, any links to it should have a trailing slash, like to avoid the extra redirect that happens when you leave out the slash.