How to change dreamhost URL?


Can anybody tell me how to change my dreamhost URL, if that’s possible at all ?

let’s say all my uploaded files are to be found under a URL like :

and I would like to change that to

(with “ny name” being my name and “my websites” being a neutral URL)

Can I change this at all ?
What do I need to do when and where ?

Do I have to re-upload my files, or does the URL change for all existing files after the change took effect ?

The easy way: Mirror is as the new site. Hopefully you didn’t want to use the old URL for something else.

The right way: Create a new Fully Hosted domain of
Make sure it’s the same FTP user as the old one.

This will create an empty folder right next to the folder (both in your home directory).
Rename as (this frees up that new domain)
Rename as (this puts your old site at the new domain.

And be sure you’ve edited your site to update any references to the old domain.


sorry I guess I need some more help…

  1. I logged in and went to domains, manage domains, where I see the old URL, and right of it, under “fully hosted / user”, I clicked on “edit”. There I went to “specify your web directory” and in that text box, I changed “” to “”. [yes, FTP user is still the same]

  2. after a few minutes (said may take 10 minutes to take effect), I went to users, manage users, WebFTP Login, and I now see 2 folders, the old “” and the new “”. I then renamed the folders as decribed above, and I now have an empty “” and the new “”. So I now have a folder with the new URL and all files I had before, all folders, files, everything is there as it was before, just new name.


if I go back to manage domains now, I still see the old “” there. And if I try to load the site, the files are still loading under “”, whereas trying to load the same file from “” ends up with a “server not found” message.

So I guess there’s more to change… and it won’t work as long as the old URL is still visible in “manage domains”. The strange thing is, when I go to “edit” there again, as before, with “specify your web directory”, it now says “

  1. Editing an existing domain won’t change its URL. That’s why I said that you must create a new Fully Hosted Domain.

  2. Do all the renaming stuff I described by using an FTP program to log into your home directory.


Okay I got it now… :slight_smile:

Actually I tried “domains, manage domains” and “add new domain / sub-domain” before… and there, with “domain to host” I tried “”, but that only got me an error message “no sub-sub-domains”…

after some severe thinking… (lol)

I tried with “” and that works fine
now both “” and “” are listed in domains

I now defined “” to be the mirror of “”, and I can now load the site with both “” and “mywebsites” in the URL :slight_smile:

That pretty much solves my problem.

Thanks for helping, Scott !