How to Change Domain Name Owner Help :)

Hey guys, the story goes as follows:

i am puchasing a domain name from someone, however how do i transfer ownership to me?
he is currently with

Basicly i need to know how i can get the (example) under my control :slight_smile: if anyone has a step by step guide or example how i can do this it would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks in Advance

ive been reading thw wiki but all i see is how to change the dns so it links to dreamhosters, im lookin to transfer the registration Fully to my dreamhoster account from his networksolutions account.

Anyone know how i can go about doing this?


I can only speak for how I do it, but here it goes:

My registrar has an optional button on his namecheck website where I can register or transfer a domain. The transfer button will tell my registar to ask permission from the current owner to - tadaah - transfer the domain to him. As a result the current owner will be asked (admin contact in the whois) if heโ€™s OK with the transfer, if so, my registar will take the domain and after a day or two all is well. Now I donโ€™t know with whom your going to register your domain with, but usualy all registars have some kind of process for that, automated like mine, or paperwork for some smaller registars. You should check your new registars policy on that :slight_smile:

Hope it helps


just noticed the Reg Transfer hehe seems to do it all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: i just put in the domain, and it asks the other person, however it asks for a Transfer Auth Code:
(get from current registrar)

would the other person (owner) have to email his hosting company for this or would he have it on his panel???

Thanks for the help:)

I can see all my authcodes from my registrars panel, youโ€™d have to contact the current owner if he can give it to you.