How to CANCEL domain instead of leting it expire?


Instead of letting my domain expire, I want to cancel it!

I don’t see an option for this? it only gives me the options for: for Auto Renew or let it expire.

Please advise!


Just set it to Expire then redirect to some other site and forget about it.


I don’t want to expire because then is hard to get back if somebody else (one of my colleges) needs it in the future. I need to cancel it!


The eventual result is the same either way; the only difference between deleting the domain and letting it expire is that setting the domain to expire lets you keep a hold of the domain for the remainder of the time that it’s registered, as well as for an additional month or so of “grace period” after it expires.

If you have any plans to use the domain in the future, we would strongly recommend that you keep it registered and transfer the registration to your colleague when the appropriate time comes, as there is a significant risk that someone else will snap up the registration if it is deleted.