How to cancel account?

Enough BS, 16 hours site downtime with not a single word from support after filing 3 support requests…

Are they all on vacation? lol, this company is a joke. There is no phone number or anything I can call in case of emergency.

I regret trying out dreamhost. I love, they never let you down, during the past 2 years. If i had any trouble, they solve it within 20 minutes, even during weekends.

Please show me how to cancel account. There is no link whatsoever in the panel. Do i need to file a support ticket to cancel my account, which is not gonna be read by any so called “sopport” peep for 2 days?

Per instructions in the knowledge base, you should contact support to cancel your account.

However, I would also go to Billing->Change Plans in the Control Panel. There you will find additional instructions. Basically, under “Modify Service” you set the end date to today’s date.

I’m sure they are not “all on vacation”, and as others have said elsewhere - no response does not mean that they are not working on your problem. In my experience, patience is a virtue. In any case, it sounds like you might be happier elsewhere.