How to bypass mod_security?



Other than turn off Extra Web Security for your domain, does anyone know how to bypass mod_security for your domain/subdomain?

I don’t want mod_security’s 512MB upload limit, and wanted 1GB.

Trying to get this uploader script to bypass mod_security

Went here, but doesn’t seem to be working when I plug it into .htaccess

Tried this:

SecFilterSelective REQUEST_URI "^/server/php/UploadHandler\.php.*$" "allow,pass"

Do I have to restart my VPS in order to even see .htaccess changes such as this?


It’s possible that modsec rules are not permitted in .htaccess with Extra Web Security turned on (you might check your error logs to see if that’s the case).

An alternative might be to turn off Extra Web Security, then use .htaccess in attempt to turn on all the modsec rules that don’t inhibit what you’re trying to do.