How to block the Delivery Failure Notice to the Sender


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We are using SquirrelMail in our environment. Now if any customer sends any mail to a particular team, all of the team members will get that mail. Somebody in that team may be running out of space on their mail box, may be left the organization like various reasons. For those there will be a Delivery Failure Notice will automatically sent to the customer who sends the mail.

Now we would like to block the Delivery Failure Notice sent to the customer. As for the customer’s concern they simply know that they have sent the mail.

Ultimate goal is to block the Delivery Failure Notice will be blocking the Delivery Failure Notice to the sender. (Customer)

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Nope. That’s an issue between the team member’s ISP and the customer. This is how I see it: sends mail to, which then forwards to and

The @yahoo address is borked, so Yahoo will send the error message directly to @aol, completely bypassing

The only way to avoid this is a) write your own fancy mail handling system (not recommended) or b) stay on top of your team’s mailboxes (the right way to handle this). Really, is it that hard for someone to maintain a mailbox? Especially if it’s used for business.