How to backup to Dreamhost

I’m new here, and among other things, I want to use my Dreamhost account to backup some of the files on my computer ( so that even if my apartment melts, my iTunes library is safe :stuck_out_tongue: )

So, does anyone know some good programs to do this? I’ve mapped my FTP account to a network place on my computer, but every option I’ve tried (SyncToy being the most awesome) wouldn’t allow me to use specify the FTP as a backup site.

Anyone know some good programs for this?

WSFTP has a nice sync utility that I’m using currently for that. Of course WSFTP isn’t a free program… But I still like it.

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Go to the Control Panel and use Bandwagon to backup your iTunes stuff. For all other stuff, just create a backup directory in your user directory (not a directory you can browse on the web) and put stuff in there. Avoid doing this with anything that may result in a copyright violation.

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The problem is bandwaon is mac only, seeing as the origina poster mentioned synctoy I assume they use windows.

You could try syncback (scroll down for free version).

It is also possible to use rsync on linux, windows and mac to do this

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