How to backup 110MB SQL?

Can any1 please explain that cos im still not used with that CP i have now on Dreamhost.I had cPanel before.
So,How to backup 110MB SQL database ?

at that size it’s bound to be cumbersome but you can most like accomplish it through phpMyAdmin’s ‘export’ tab. You can get to phpMyAdmin by visiting your db’s hostname in a webbrowser ( and providing the user and pass when prompted. I’d recommend you compress the output!

The same thing can be done via shell. First sensible looking link from a Google search: though you might want to search these very forums for a tried and true Dreamhost method.


SSH/Telnet is your best bet. Unless you export table by table, the poeration will probably time out. If you can’t do it by SSH or phpMyAdmin, then I have a script that will help you export it table by row.

When we transfered a forum to a different host, we couldn’t export a few tables. So I made a script that will export rows x to y and then you can change the vales from y to z.

I cant see SSH at all on CP . and here is my MSN : so maybe you can help me out.I dont understand why dreamhost does not upgrade or do something abaut it ?
I restored my database MANUALLY here and it taked 12 hours,i sended e-mail to support and asked them to restore but nothing happend so i did it manually :frowning: