How to auto-backup MySQL databases

Hi, I’m wondering how to automatically backup my site’s MySQL database(s). Well, it’s actually the site I administer. We use Joomla as the platform for the site, and Joomla uses a MySQL database to store its content. I have been (semi-)regularly backing up the Joomla installation by manually ftp’ing to the DH server the account is stored on, logging in, and transferring the whole /site-name/joomla folder to off-site storage. But I just realized that I haven’t once attempted to backup the MySQL database that the Joomla installation is using! I know I can use cron to and mysqldump to automate the process, but can I access cron as a user on the DH shared servers? If not, what’s the best way to automatically backup my MySQL databases? Thanks.

You can definitely access cron on a shared server. You can either use the panel to enter the cronjob command or manually enter it via SSH on the command line:

Thanks Scott, I’ll check it out.