How to apply donation

i searchd for donate and found nothing that applied both here and in the wiki, or i used the wrong term so forgive me please if this has been askd…

some one kindly donated toward my hosting bill, my question is, how do i apply this to my bill? is it automatic or do i have to manually do it?

p.s. could some kind soul out there make a wiki article about this? may help some one in the future.

From my understanding any donations go straight towards your future bills ("Note: There is a processing fee of 5% plus $0.30 deducted from donations before they are applied to your bill. "). So I guess it depends on when you get billed. I would assume that when you do, they will take off the donations and any other outstanding credit before they charge your credit card

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simple enough. just wanted to know if there was something i was supposed to do. thanks :slight_smile: