How to allow FTP access to only one directory?


I would like to allow FTP access to only one directory of my domain. So that the people with whom I work can upload/download files without having access to all my domain.

I created a FTP user then I did a remap subdirectory. But when people connect to FTP with FTP user login and password, they see initially the following directories:


Then if they click on they can only view the specified directory. So that’s cool…

But I would like them to go directly to the directory I specified without viewing directories like Logs / Maildir /

Do you have any idea? Thanks a lot!

You can’t control that. Each user gets a home directory and the home directory is where mail and logs are stored as well as other configuration files in addition to your web related files.

However many FTP clients can be configured to automatically change directory when they connect.

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Thanks for your response!

It would be more simple and more “goodlooking” if the specified directory appears automatically without configuring the FTP client.

However I will deal with that!

why can’t you just map the users home directory to the directory you want them to have access to?