How to alias a GoDaddy Domain to a DH-hosted Wordpress Site?

Hello Folks,

Need some help finding the right technique. I have a domain at GoDaddy and my WordPress site at Dreamhost. Desired behavior is this:

  1. User goes to (GoDaddy Domain) and ends up at the WordPress instance (Dreamhost hosted)
  2. User clicks on WP link called “My First Post”
  3. URL is displayed as (though at Dreamhost it is hitting

In other words, I would like to supplant in the URL…making effectively invisible to the user.

DNS forwarding would allow me to point to, but the URL would stay as and not change as users navigated the site.

GoDaddy says I need to create an alias to my Dreamhost account. That is where I am stuck. Any suggestions?

Thank you,

You should just need to set up a cname record in your godaddy dns pointing it to your dreamhost site.