How to adding PHP code to an HTML site?


I wonder does anybody can help me on how to add PHP code to an HTML site, since I can’t see any topic on this in the forum.

My intention is to add this code:
< !–#include virtual="/rssfeeds.php" – >

to my page at with rssfeeds.php files in the same folder

But it didn’t work. It seems that I have to add some instructions in your website’s .htaccess file. So what I must do in order to work? Please explain me in step by step detail, since I’m not geek enough:)

Do I need to use a program like putty.exe? If yes, how to do it?

Kusuma Widjaja

All you you would need to is insert this into the HTML page.

<?php include (filename.ext) ?> Then make sure that you save your page as a .php page. Without this extension, the php code will not be rendered, and the file will not be included.

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I’m guessing that’s his problem? Rather than editing lots of html files to now read php, he wants to just include a few php things?

Try reading this

The code you posted will look for rssfeeds.php in the root directory of your site. If the file is actually in /buynewcar, change the path:

<!--#include virtual="/buynewcar/rssfeeds.php"--> You also seem to be using a .html file extension. SSI, by default, uses the extension .shtml. If you want SSI to work on .html pages, you need to add the following to /.htaccess:

AddHandler server-parsed .html (this assumes you aren’t already using SSI elsewhere and haven’t already done this)

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