How to add second wordpress blog


I’ve been having sleepless nights, driving myself crazy trying to install multisites at Wordpress. I have now officially given up.

So now I want to simply create a second blog using Dreamhost. I don’t mind having two different wordpress accounts. So I tried to installing Wordpress again, this time pointing it my second blog

But got this message:
Whoops! There was an error while trying to install wordpress for you!
WordPress has already been installed at!

Does anybody know how to add a second wordpress blog?


You would have to install it in a subfolder. So for example.

Multisite, however, is pretty straightforward once you do it. It’s one of those annoying things, where the second time is easier and we wish we could do it first :wink: If you already have WP installed (which you do - ) then you can just add this to your wp-config.php

It should be above the “Stop Editing Here” line.

Then just follow the rest of the directions here:

I will note that it’ll tell you that you have to use subdomains, since your initial blog has existed for more than a month. That’s okay! You can add a subdomain and point it to your primary site (see if you need more directions)