How to add multiple domains


how can i add many domains at a time?

like i want to add 100 domains at a time…how can i do it?


You can’t, unless your browser supports some sort of scripting to automate the process. What you see in the Panel is all you get, and it’s a real challenge to create your own front end to the panel processes.



What domains are you needing to add? Are they all actually subdomains? If they are, you could always do something fancy with a wildcard DNS entry and some mod_rewrite coding.

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[quote]how can i add many domains at a time?
like i want to add 100 domains at a time…how can i do it?[/quote]
I’m interested in why you would actually want to add so many domains at a time. You haven’t made it clear whether you are talking about domain registrations, hosting, or both. Is this supposed to be an exercise in domain tasting, by any chance?

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How proficient are you with PHP? Adding a domain is no different than adding a subdomain, and
there is a working code sample for doing that from a PHP script
. :wink:



i am talkin abut domains and not subdomains



Adding a bunch of domains to try and do SEO is not “kool,” btdubs.


lol…i need some serious advice

i don want to waste time adding domains individually


That may well be the case! :wink: You asked a question, and got some accurate answers as well as some “guesses” as to what you might be trying to do.

If you want “serious” advice, you might consider asking a question designed to solicit such advice … other wise, you are very likely to get only answers to your question, and comments. :wink:



[quote]lol…i need some serious advice

i don’t want to waste time adding domains individually[/quote]
I think Michael’s advice was meant very seriously. I think what he’s trying to advise you is to be cautious about what you’re going to try to do here with any automated script for adding domain hosting, because if DH support finds out you are doing it for domain tasting, you may find yourself looking for a new host.

After all, he wouldn’t want you to go through all the trouble of setting up here only to have your time go to waste if you got kicked out.

So when you say “add a 100 domains at a time”, you mean adding hosting for 100 domains at a time, right, not registering 100 domains at a time through Dreamhost? Or do you mean both?

And is this a one-time thing or is this something you’re going to have to do regularly? If it’s a one-time thing, you might consider asking DH support if they would do it for you.

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