How to Add a Module to Apache?


I want to add a module to our Apache2 web server running on a DH dedicated server. The server is not DH managed (but almost completely standard as provided by DH).

I read that Debian provides the command a2enmod to enable an Apache2 module (according to but when I try it in the shell, a2enmod comes back with a “command not found” error.

The module I want to install is in the mods-available directory, so how do I go about adding it to our Apache web server?

Thanks very much.


did you install apache-common?

We don’t have any supported method to add modules to Apache. What are you trying to install?

If you really need a custom Apache setup, you can switch your VPS or dedicated server to “no web server” (in the Configure Server section of the panel) and install Debian’s apache2 package. Note, however, that this will disable all DreamHost management of the web server — in particular, the Manage Domains section of the panel will no longer work for the VPS / dedicated in question. We don’t recommend this course of action unless you’re really happier doing everything yourself.

Thanks for your replies. I’ve found a way to do almost what I need without the module (mod_ext_filter) so I don’t need to install it any more, fortunately. FWIW that module is in the mods-availabIe directory so I thought it would be pretty straightforward to add it (e.g. using a2enmod) - I would really rather not do a full Apache re-install (the server is live and busy) if that would is the only way to add a module, Andrew.


If you’ve got a potential alternative solution in mind, I’d strongly recommend that you continue in that direction. Along with the difficulty of getting Apache reconfigured yourself, it’s also worth keeping in mind that the performance of mod_ext_filter is quite poor, since it must launch an instance of your filter process for every request.