How to add a domain? is there an addon domain feature?

how to add a domain? (add-on domain)

is there an addon domain feature?

do i have to pay to use addon domain or not?

how about i use godaddy domain and add it on my dreamhost account using add-on domain? do i have to pay? how it will cost?

You can host an unlimited number of domains at no extra cost if you already have a hosting plan! Just head to the Manage Domains page and click “Add new domain”.

If you want to host a domain you have registered at GoDaddy, just add it at the Manage Domains page. Then from GoDaddy’s DNS management panel, point your domain to our nameservers and give it a few hours for the DNS to propagate:

what do you mean by “fully host this domain”? in the “add new domain” section, do i have to pay extra to fully host a domain or not? though i have an existing account

or i just simply type name of the domain on the “Add a New Domain” section and click “fully host this domain” at no extra cost?

If you already have a hosting plan, there is no extra cost to fully host a domain.

how about using a registered domain like godaddy? is there an extra cost? on adding the registered domain on dreamhost?

If you have a hosting account, there is absolutely no extra cost to host a GoDaddy-registered domain. Unlimited hosting means you can host as many domains as you’d like, all under the one hosting fee. :slight_smile:

To add a little more to try to alleviate your confusion. There are fee’s for 2 basic things: HOSTING, and domain REGISTRATIONS.

As DH_Elle has repeated there is no additional HOSTING charge as long as you have a hosting account. You can add as many domains/sub-domains to your hosting account as you have control of. You can use domains that were registered anywhere so long as you can set the nameservers to dreamhost (or in some cases make manual DNS entries for the domain).

If you have to REGISTER another domain, you do have to pay for that, but it doesn’t have to be a dreamhost registered domain, you can register additional domains with any registrar.

okay thanks :slight_smile: finally i understand :wink: