How to activate hub network?

Hello guys, I’m really fired because I tried all the way to activate my pornhub affiliation from hub network but I didn’t solve it, it ask me to upload a file in the root or to add the meta data, but I’m quite new to wordpress and dreamhost, searched on internet but didn’t find something that could help.

how can I do that?

this is what they ask:

Verification Via File Upload:

Download the verification file xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.html (mouse right click and save as), upload it in the root directory of each domain and then click on the verify link.

Verification Via MetaData (Recommended for Blogs or Free Webspaces):

Select the Source Code

Possible verification problem: If you’re not able to verify your domain after uploading a file or adding metadata, you should exclude our ips(,,,, from filtering access restrictions on your server.

The file verification you outlined should work correctly. Download the custom file they provide and then upload it using SFTP into the domain root folder (where your WP index.php file is located). You can upload it from Panel if you don’t have an SFTP client installed.

Hi, thank you very much for your reply, can you tell me exatly where I can do this from panel?

Panel → Domains → Manage Domains

Click WebFTP under the domain in question.

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