How to activate a new domain name

hello, I am very much a novice and would appreciate a little support please.
I have a new domain name and want to activate it on my dream host account. the domain name has been released from the business that I registered it with. Can anyone please help
?John McKenna

i think a little more descriptive information would help in understanding the problem. You can also check with the support team. I looked at your web site (i like few cartoons in your site) and the whois information. i think you are trying to transfer your hosting to Dream Host and also the domain registrar. Please check the DH wiki once, i think it be of some help to you.

thank you for your reply, yes I could have a guess given more information. The advice you have given me is great I will investigate further. Thank you also for your feedback from the site. It’s not actually the site that I wish to activate it is another domain which was registered and now I just want to activate it on to dream host. I will look further into that link you provided. Thank you again John McKenna