How should I pay?

I wish to sign up for an account. I’d like to know how I should pay - monthly or upfront? Because monthly payments would be more affordable for me.

I think only you can answer this question.

Some find monthly payments to be more convenient, but DreamHost has a $49.95 once only set-up fee for monthly plans. Although you can cover this by taking advantage of one of the many promo-code discounts available. :slight_smile:

Paying for two years in advance is definitely the most cost effective way, but it does mean having a largish initial outlay.

As I said above, this question can really only be answered by yourself, choose the method that you are the most comfortable with and that best suits your particular circumstances.


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I say use a promo code and pay yearly. 20 bucks or so for the entire year isn’t too shabby ;). You just have to worry about the year after that when it comes (or just save up in advance).

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Are you sure?

If you one of the many $97 promo codes available, you can end up paying as little as $22.40 for your first year of hosting. This works out at just $1.87 a month.

Or you could buy a 2 year plan using a $97 promo-code and pay as little as $93.80 for 2 years hosting.

Anyway, it is your choice, but I know what I’d be doing :slight_smile:

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